Assessment of sales skills

Assessment of sales skills

Business success often depends on the sales ability of employees and their professionalism. If you need to identify how value based is your sales organization and get a clear picture of your team's selling skills, we offer different testing methods, including:

  1. Personal interviews to measure salespeople's abilities and learn more about their personal sales philosophy and motivation
  2. Role-playing technique to reveal strengths and weaknesses of your sales team
  3. Sales tests, numbers review, product knowledge tests to get insights on what your staff knows

If you hire sales representatives, a sales potential test is often useful in making good hiring decisions. In general, a sales potential test is a type of job knowledge assessment centering on a given employee's ability to sell effectively in a particular environment.

A sales potential test will help you to discover whether a candidate has adequate selling abilities, including persuasive communication, service orientation and relationship management.

The score and breakdown of the sales assessment results will provide you direction on training and development of your sales operatives.

Thus, you can benefit from their use even if you don't use tests to make hiring decisions. Or, you can use them to make hiring decisions but still monitor the areas in which new hires require additional training and development.