Sales training & consulting
for excellent performance,
growth in profits
& market share

we provide training & consulting opportunities
in product sales and solution selling
We offer
measurable indicators of success in product sales and solution selling

Our target is to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals through consulting and training in product sales and solution selling. This is possible thanks to more than 20 years of sales expertise, technology and experience, as well as an innovative approach to training. We ensure that each of these factors is integrated into a personalized training program to meet the unique requirements of your business.

We offer a comprehensive proven sales training program and development tools
Sales funnel
We measure success by how well our customers achieve their sales targets. Behavioral change and measurable outcomes require new sales approach
Sales Consultancy
We improve the sales journey and profile of sales managers through professional guidance and experience in sales excellence

«Understanding how the customer's purchasing process is structured and what their needs are based on is the main factor for the success of transformation in any sales journey.

This means that the requirements for sales Department employees have been transformed over time from "just sellers" to "client's proxy", whose task is primarily to help the client solve his critical business issues.»

Lesik Natalia

“This training helped me to structure my sales knowledge and prepare for meetings with clients. A client’s pain diagnostics was very helpful."

Alexander Nikolenko,senior sales manager.

“These 2 days of training were very busy and fruitful. I had a great opportunity to practice my sales skills and I will use all the tools I have learned about in practice."

Dmitry Pichugin, sales manager

"Finally, it is now clear to me how to manage a sales funnel and track key parameters by both customer and team."

Mikhail Bobkov,, divisional sales manager

"It was interesting to learn more about the preparation of value proposition based on the pains of a client as well as the differentiators, and the model of conducting dialogues with a client."

Alexey Nazarov, project business manager